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Anterior Quest | Dental Waste Management

Anterior Quest HG Containment System Exempts your facility from the new EPA Federal Regulations!

The vast majority of dental facilities that discharge wastewater into a publicly owned treatment works are subject to this rule. However, there are some exceptions.

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AQ-Solution Powered by Bio-Pure

AQ-Solution Powered by Bio-Pure brings superior science to an old problem of evacuation systems maintenance. From basic savings in product costs, reducing the cost of amalgam separation, operational and staff efficiency, to helping the dental industry play it's part in being responsible for the waste it generates. It eliminates calcium and other deposits from slogging down your vacuum lines and removes the need to constantly clean disposable traps.

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AQ-Solution: Evacuation System Cleaner;

We have the only dental waste management system that captures and eliminates 100% of the Mercury that comes from dental wastewater.

The HG Containment System

Our patented HG Containment system is the most revolutionary and total amalgam containment system on the market. We Guarantee 100% removal of Mercury and Amalgam from dental wastewater! By removing 100% of these pollutants, you will always be in compliance with any Government regulation or standard.

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Dental Waste Management System;

AQ Database Software

AQ’s database software is primarily a redundant monitoring package designed to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. The data collected offers a much greater value with real time collection, volume and regulatory monitoring. The AQ software provides data currently not available to the regulatory community. Every office that currently uses our HG Containment System can implement this software to increase their efficiency.

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Database Software for Dental Waste Management;

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Anterior Quest guarantees your compliance by containing and removing 100% of the Mercury and amalgam from your patient wastewater.

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